Days ago, before Christmas, I read something randomly that mentioned Wilhelm Reich and his orgone accumulator.

Today I read another something randomly that also mentioned Wilhelm Reich and his orgone accumulator.

I decided to search on orgone accumulator to find out what on earth it was. It seems that it’s similar to Noel Edmonds’ box of magnetic energy, except you can sit in it. And you might need to bury it. Which made me think of Toru Okada in The Wind Up Bird Chronicle, and Mitsusaburo in The Silent Cry, and the unnamed protagonist of The Miner. They bury themselves underground to symbolise their psychic death, though. Reich’s box of energy symbolises psychic life.

You can also use the accumulated orgone gathered by your orgone accumulator to power a cloudbuster. This reminded me of my disappointment at Kate Bush pronouncing on the wonderfulness of Teresa May. (Warning: that link contains references to Ken Livingstone as a sex machine.)

Meanwhile, the Momus post reminded me of the desire for a more creative, less Protestant Work Ethicy, life inspired by reading Roberto Bola├▒o’s The Savage Detectives.

That’s what I’ve done this morning, instead of being productive. I’ve accumulated a bunch of nonsense.