Absent stories

I’ve made some changes on here. Some of my stories are absent. You may or may not have noticed. I don’t know how much attention you pay. Why would I?

I made some changes because things were being misunderstood. A project I had in mind needed to be put somewhere else. Shelved, if you like. Creativity tends to suffocate under observation.

I’ve noticed that someone searches for one of the missing stories. They like a particular phrase from it: a sad drifting along the edges of finality. It’s a story called Play, and it’s mainly based on a conversation I had with someone whose marriage was ending, although there’s also a line from the Past Postcards Twitter feed in there.

The conversation and the postcard line made me think of how I have ended past relationships. And then, you know, fiction happened. As it sometimes does in response to external influences.

If it’s you who is searching for the phrase that keeps popping up in my stats, you can stop. The story has moved on. It isn’t here.

There are other stories here, but it’s a place of lesser creativity, now I’m aware I’m being observed.

To absent stories, then.