There’s a day for everything, it seems. Today is National Teddy Bear Day in the UK. Who knew? I didn’t until Twitter told me.

This is my bear.


In my family my parents created a mini tradition of buying a bear for the first birthday of each of their children. It had to be a specific kind of bear. This bear was bought for my brother in 1965. By the time my first birthday came around in 1971, teddy bears were mostly a bit soft and weird looking. My parents couldn’t find a bear with the traditional articulated limbs and chest squeak, so my brother decided he would give his bear to me.

He’s a practical bear. As well as his dungarees and fisherman’s knit (made for him by me), he used to have a duffle coat and wellies for when he was out and about. He’s not that practical though, because he lost a boot and gave his coat to another of my bears without a second thought for what he’d do in case of rain. Like me, he grew up in Chadderton, so should know better.

His name is Teddy. Although, on nights out, he likes to go by Simon.