I feel fortunate to have gone through the education system with access to full funding, covering my tuition and living costs. My parents couldn’t have afforded to send me to university without the grant system. I reckon I earn around twice what I would have earned if I’d left school at 18 and not got a degree. For the government to withdraw maintenance grants for students from low income families on the grounds that it’s unfair to expect tax payers to subsidise their education is disgraceful. My education was subsidised (I prefer to think of it as the grant being an investment in me) and I now earn a decent amount, pay more tax, and am not saddled with a huge debt. I have no problem with my tax being used to invest in students from a similar background to mine. University isn’t for everyone, I know, but everyone should have the chance to go to university if they want to. Money shouldn’t be a barrier.

This is the BBC news story I read this morning: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-36940172

Here’s a charity that is helping students from less privileged backgrounds get into arts based HE. £5 a month isn’t a lot, is it? http://arts-emergency.org/donate-2/