This piece of pottery comes from the Corris studio near Machynlleth. It is stamped with the initials DW. I bought it from the Arts Centre on the Penglais Campus of Aberystwyth University when I was a student there. I bought it as a present for my mother. When we cleared her house last year, I brought it home with me. It is made in the colours of the mountains and valleys of mid Wales. It speaks with a mid-Welsh accent, gruff with slate and deep with purple heathers, rich and verdant as a forest. A daydream in ceramic form, it looks like the cottage I always wanted to live in as a child, nestled halfway up the hillside that looks over the fishing town of Abermaw, which is also known as Barmouth. It sits in the window of my house, and occasionally I sit in my chair in the window of my house and look at it. I wish myself inside it, with a fire in the hearth making the smoke rise from the chimney. I long for it, although I have never been there. It does not exist. Or rather, it exists, but only as a beautiful ceramic wish.