This is my cat. She has allowed me to take care of her (and make no mistake, she lives in the very lap of luxury) for 14 years. Since she was 3 months old. She is from Bradford, a place called Little Horton Green. She was found by friends of the sister of my best friend. These friends were house sitting for my best friend’s sister and took my cat in. Unfortunately they didn’t know that my best friend’s sister is allergic to cats. So my cat had to go. Serendipitously, I had just bought my first house. No longer a renter, I could have as many cats as I wanted. I only wanted one, though. Our admiration was mutual right from the start. She has been very tolerant of my human failings over the years. Like not sitting still for long periods nearly as often as she would like. And my insistence that the couch is not a substitute for the perfectly good scratching post in the kitchen. She’s a good judge of character. She rolled over to show my then future husband her tummy the first time she met him. I knew then that he was a keeper.