This is a spider. It appeared recently on one of the electricity junction boxes in our area. There are a couple of others nearby, one a hedgehog, the other a bee. This is the one I walked past today, though, on my way out for a walk between rainfalls (unsuccessful, as it turned out – the rain caught me before I was even halfway home). I like him. I like the shading on his legs and his googly eyes. I like what a bright, white smile he has. Generally speaking, I don’t like spiders. In the sense that their rapid scuttling movements have the tendency to make me nervous when I encounter one in the house. In another sense, I love spiders, because they prey on disease-laden flies. I have trained myself to be nice to spiders. If I find one in the bath, I leave a towel for it to use as an escape ladder. If I find one on a wall, I leave it there, because it isn’t going to hurt me, and I’ve decided that a spider inside a house is probably a house spider. Putting it out in the garden is unlikely to guarantee its ongoing survival.