Since I have been completely useless at writing 200 words a day, I have decided to have a go at taking a photograph a day and writing 200 words about it. I’m aiming to do this for the whole of August. Here’s my first picture, with 200 words about it.


Cherry blossom tea, or sakurayu, is a Japanese drink made from cherry blossoms pickled in salt and plum vinegar. The drink is made by placing a couple of the blossoms, rinsed to remove some of the salt, into a cup of hot water. It is often drunk at betrothal ceremonies by the bride and groom to be as a symbol of purity and new beginnings. I bought a jar of sakurayu from a 100 year old tea shop called Morinoen in an area of Tokyo called Ningyocho. Today, because I am still suffering with the viral pharyngitis I have had all week, I made a cup to see whether the salt and plum vinegar would have an antiseptic effect on my throat. I’m not sure that it did, but it tasted nice! I remember the first time I made it, though. I treated it like normal tea and put a teaspoon of the blossoms into a teapot without rinsing them, and brewed it for a couple of minutes. The resultant drink was very salty. Not unpleasant, just salty. Like swallowing a mouthful of the sea. Today’s picture is of floating blossoms in a tea cup I bought from Nishiki Market.