Sunday. Alarm set for an earlier than usual rise, and then ignored. Making us late, running behind schedule as always. You’d think we were teenagers, the way we behave. But we’re not. We’re just lazy, lazy adults with no sense of urgency. We drift through our responsibilities, ignoring the things that need to be done, storing up problems for our future. This one used to be a do-er, used to keep on top of things, used to be ruthlessly efficient. This other one never was. Never was beats always did in a competition over what should be done. Somewhere deep inside, this one doesn’t like it, but doesn’t have the energy to fight the ovewhelming stasis of the other one’s lethargy. Lethargy, it seems, is catching. Time to form a colony, perhaps. Like-minded souls who never get anything done and slowly drown in a sea of paper and good intentions. This one occasionally misses the old self, and wonders what became of her. She wonders how she came to give in so easily. Ignoring the alarm clock like a teenager. Procrastinating. How did that become her state of existence? Is it a form of martyrdom? Or is it just laziness?