Suddenly the sailor became aware of a crowd. He and the four-square man were standing in the middle of an amphitheatre. A spotlight struck them from nowhere. When the sailor looked up he could only see blackness. There was no roof, no gantry where lights could be suspended. The four-square man stood blinking in the light from the invisible spotlight. ‘WHO ARE YOU?’ the sailor shouted. The muscles in his arms and chest swelled as he clenched his fists and pulled himself up to his full height. The crowd looked down on him. ‘Justify yourself,’ they seemed to say. ‘Who are YOU?’ said the four-square man through his letterbox mouth. ‘I am nobody,’ replied the sailor. ‘I am just a sailor, and I could have been so much more than this.’ ‘Where is your drunken-ness of being?’ asked the four-square man. The sailor could not answer at first. He wished he were back at the green metal container. He longed for his opposite. He felt sure that this was not the thing he was supposed to do. ‘Where is your drunken-ness of being?’ the four-square man asked again. ‘Justify yourself,’ said the wordless crowd. The sailor couldn’t find their faces.