Yodel if you want good service. No, literally, yodel for it. Whistle down the wind. If you want good service, don’t employ Yodel to deliver your packages, though. Their couriers fake signatures, not even bothering to disguise it by choosing the name of someone famous. They leave mobile numbers for the customer to call to rearrange delivery, but the voicemail inbox is always full and nobody ever answers. They claim to have returned packages to the depot, but the depot can never find them. Either that, or they throw the package over the back fence, and you’re lucky if it’s only the ‘sign for delivery’ agreement that gets broken. Today, after almost two months since it was dispatched by the manufacturer, and a week after a replacement product was sent out following my report of non-delivery, a package arrived. It was left with our neighbour, but no card put through our door. The box was battered, as though it had been crushed under a pile of larger boxes, or as though someone had tried to force it through a letterbox that was clearly too small for it. So now we have two of the same thing. We only needed one.