‘Me?’ asked the sailor. ‘What am I supposed to do?’ ‘That’s the thing,’ said his opposite, ‘I’m not sure. But until you do it, I can’t do what I need to do next.’ ‘What do you need to do next?’ His opposite glanced down. ‘I think I’m supposed to meet someone.’ ‘A small, dark girl?’ asked the sailor. ‘Yes, that’s who,’ was the reply. The sailor thought for a moment. ‘Do you get the feeling that we’re the same person?’ he asked. His opposite looked up again and frowned. ‘We can’t be the same person. I’m here and you’re there, which is here but on the other side of this green metal wall. How can we be the same person?’ ‘I just thought,’ said the sailor hesitantly. ‘Yes?’ said his opposite. ‘Well, I just thought that maybe we had become separated and were travelling on parallel lines.’ ‘Wait there,’ said his opposite. ‘I’ll meet you by the line of games.’ The sailor agreed. If he knew about the line of games, then he must have been here before. He waited for a long time. His opposite didn’t come. ‘Maybe I ought to go to see where he is,’ he thought.