Two hundred words a day, I said that I would write. What if some of those two hundred words were Japanese? I was revising (or shall we say learning late) before class the ten kanji we were assigned in Japanese class last week, when I noticed that they formed a kind of story. The words were responsibility, healthy, unusual, friendship, cultural festival, lavish, anguish, your wife, coffee shop, and Lake District. In my mind I saw a man. He was taking on responsibility for being healthy. Then he struck up an unusual friendship at a cultural festival. His behaviour was lavish, and it caused much anguish because, sad to say, he took your wife to a coffee shop and then ran off with her to the Lake District. What a bad man. He wasn’t responsible at all. I think his attempts to be healthy were nothing but a ruse to run off with your wife, a married woman. If we see him again, let’s not speak to him. That will teach him a lesson, won’t it? This imaginary man who ran off to the Lake District with your wife, whoever you are. Did you know that she was like that?