The sailor peered out through the opening. His opposite was looking over his shoulder at the long line of games stretching out behind him. Turning quickly, he made his way back to the round-cornered hole cut into the wall of the green metal building and squeezed himself out again. He thought he could hear the small, dark girl speaking in the distance and wondered if he could get there before she told his opposite the truth about the line of games. If what she said was ever entirely true. He pondered this for a moment then, with a start of realisation, he jolted into action. Running the short distance back to where he had started also felt like forever. When he reached the green metal container with its growing line of games and his shovel leaning against it, there was nobody to be seen. Inside the container, he could hear sounds. He thought he heard a voice say, ‘I wasn’t expecting this.’ ‘Where am I?’ he wondered. ‘What hell have I stumbled into?’ Two eyes met his through the opening in the side of the green metal container. He recoiled in anticipated shock. ‘This must be a dream,’ he said.