The sailor was confused. He looked around the room, with its carpet woven to look like a field of daisies. He looked back over his shoulder at the hole cut into the wall of the green metal building. The hole was square with rounded corners. Through it he could see the small, dark girl cycling away, always in the middle distance. Inside the room were piles and piles of board games. The sailor removed his sailor’s cap and scratched his head. ‘I wasn’t expecting this,’ he said to no-one in particular. He surveyed the room of board games. The boxes were stacked regularly on slatted wooden shelves. The small, dark girl had been right: there was a sale on. Some of the boxes bore labels that bore words. The words read ‘20% off’, ‘half price’, ‘1/3 reduction’, but nowhere could the sailor see a price to apply the reductions to. He heard a sound. Looking across the room, he noticed an unsightly pile of boxes on the carpet. He crossed the floor and saw an opening. Looking through the opening into the room was a sailor. Both of them recoiled. ‘This must be a dream,’ he heard the sailor say.