The sailor continued shovelling, until a small, dark girl stood beside him. Her eyes glittered like drops of jet, her hair curled tightly around her head, her mouth pursed as she stood and watched him shovel. ‘These games will never end,’ she told him before turning heel and striding off. The sailor paused. He rested against the handle of the shovel and removed the sailor cap from his head. He wiped his brow. He wasn’t sweating. He shovelled without exertion. There was no need to sweat. He left his shovel and headed in the same direction as the girl. His shoulders rolled as he walked, making his gait peculiar. He walked a short distance that felt like forever, and reached a green metal house. The fence around it was sketched in charcoal on thick white paper. He couldn’t see a front door, so he walked to the back. The small, dark girl was waiting. ‘You should go inside,’ she said to him. ‘There’s a sale on.’ He followed the angle of her head and saw a square hole cut into the side of the green metal house. Her tilted head encouraged him. There was a sale on. It made sense.